Monday, July 13, 2015

Lirik Binte Ku - D'Silentstar

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A share of the latest bidayuh song that feature on this blog Lirik Lagu Bidayuh for 2015. The song that I mention is sang by D'Silentstar and the title is Binte Ku.

Credit goes to the up-loader for this song "Binte Ku - D'Silentstar". Hope you guy's enjoy my video and lyrics @ lirik lagu bidayuh here; remember do support our artists and the production by buying the ORIGINAL album.

So let views the song's as per-attach below and don't forget click like and share the post for lirik lagu Binte Ku - D'Silentstar.

Video: Binte Ku - D'Silentstar

Lirik Lagu: Binte Ku - D'Silentstar

Info: Sorry about the lyrics of Lirik Lagu: Binte Ku - D'Silentstar song, come back later for the updated lyrics.

For now just keep on listen the song Binte Ku - D'Silentstar video given above. Thanks for coming and do subscribes to lirik lagu bidayuh blog.

Lirik Lagu Bidayuh: Binte Ku - D'Silentstar

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