Saturday, December 05, 2015

Lirik Ngare Terang (Silent Night) - Limin

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A share of the latest bidayuh song that feature on this blog Lirik Lagu Bidayuh for 2015. The song that I mention is sang by Robin & The Black Knight and the title is Anih Agah Kinde Da Binua. 

Credit goes to the up-loader for this song "Ngare Terang (Silent Night) - Limin". Hope you guy's enjoy my video and lyrics @ lirik lagu bidayuh here; remember do support our artists and the production by buying the ORIGINAL album. 

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Video: Ngare Terang (Silent Night) - Limin

Lirik lagu Ngare Terang (Silent Night) - Limin

Ngare terang ngare senang
Da nyewa da bintang
Wang Jesus mbeh mayan
Da baru duwah julang
Joh kita nyembah, Pinibos kita

Ngare terang ngare senang
Joh ngisuk pinibos
Jesus Kristus mebh mayan
Su Maria babar bujang
Joh kita nyembah, pinibos kita

Ngare terang ngare senang
Joh trima kaseh tampa
Ngin ne mbeh nyugon pinyenang
Da Jesus da mbeh mayan
Joh kita nyembah, pinibos kita

Pinibos kita

Lirik Lagu Bidayuh: Ngare Terang (Silent Night) - Limin

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