Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Lirik Cinta Ku Totap Setia - SKY Band

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A share of the latest bidayuh song that feature on this blog Lirik Lagu Bidayuh for 2017. The song that I mention is sang by SKY Band and the title is Cinta Ku Totap Setia.

Credit goes to the up-loader for this song Cinta Ku Totap Setia - SKY Band. Hope you guy's enjoy my video and lyrics lirik lagu bidayuh here; remember do support our artists and the production by buying the ORIGINAL album.

So let views the song's as per-attach below and don't forget click like and share the post for lirik lagu Cinta Ku Totap Setia - SKY Band.

Video: Cinta Ku Totap Setia - SKY Band

Lirik lagu Cinta Ku Totap Setia - SKY Band

Ngarom itih ku guruk ningga bintang
Sukup mun sangon de daang otinku

Sayang ku natong silalu
Singarom singonu
Ku natong jowin muu sija
Otin ku jobong de muu


Muu sukup ku nyayang
Jobong ku itih tudu muu sija
Oku totap natong janji
De supiah muu nudu oku

Sayang makin tuui makin sayang
Oku de muu
Sukup sukup ku nyayang

Cinta ku totap setia
Nudu muu dayung
Dayung de nyayang ku
Sipunuo otin ku..

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